About WeHaveRecipes.com

Welcome to WeHaveRecipes.com – your culinary companion and gateway to a world of delightful dishes, passed down through generations, tested in kitchens, and curated with love. At WeHaveRecipes.com, we believe that every ingredient tells a story, every dish has a history, and every cook brings a touch of their soul to the table.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to inspire both budding chefs and seasoned cooks to explore, experiment, and excel in their culinary journeys. Whether you’re looking for a classic recipe your grandma used to make, a contemporary fusion dish, or something experimental to dazzle at your next dinner party, we have you covered.

Origins of WeHaveRecipes.com

Our journey began in 2015, when our founder, Brandon Patrickson, started jotting down family recipes that were passed down through generations. These recipes were more than just a combination of ingredients and cooking methods; they were narratives, memories, and tokens of love. Brandon realized that countless families and individuals have similar treasured recipes and there was a need to provide a platform where these could be shared, preserved, and celebrated. And so, WeHaveRecipes.com was born.

What We Offer

  1. Diverse Collection of Recipes: From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the quaint towns of Tuscany, our platform boasts recipes that span across continents and cultures. Be it appetizers, main courses, desserts, or beverages, we offer a curated collection that caters to every palate.
  2. Detailed Instructions: Every recipe on our platform comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions, ingredient lists, and preparation times. We also include handy tips and tricks to make your cooking experience smoother.
  3. Dietary and Allergen Information: We understand that every individual has unique dietary needs. Each recipe comes tagged with relevant dietary information such as gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, and more, so you can easily find dishes that cater to your requirements.

Meet the Cook

Behind every delicious recipe on WeHaveRecipes.com is dedicated cook Brandon Patrickson. We review each recipe, ensuring accuracy, taste, and feasibility. We believe in the power of collaboration.


Food is about more than just taste; it’s about sustainability and responsibility. We advocate for sustainable and ethical food consumption. Many of our recipes offer alternative ingredients to cater to those who prioritize local, seasonal, and ethically sourced products.

Have fun!

At WeHaveRecipes.com, we strive to be more than just a recipe website. We aim to be a hub of culinary inspiration, a platform for sharing, and a community that celebrates the diverse tapestry of global cuisines. Whether you’re a novice just starting out, or a seasoned chef looking for new inspirations, our digital doors are always open. Join us, share your culinary tales, and let’s cook up a storm together!

Thank you for choosing WeHaveRecipes.com. Bon appétit!

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